How To Pick The Best Pillow for Pain on Left or Right Side Neck

How To Pick The Best Pillow for Pain on Left or Right Side Neck

After a hard day at work, there is nothing like lying on your bed and getting a good night's sleep. However, a lot of people are incapable of doing so because of the pain they feel on their necks.

When you are looking for the best pillow for neck pain, you need to keep in mind that it is also known as a cervical pillow for neck pain. In addition, there are many different types of neck pillows to choose from.

The Different Types Of Neck Pain Pillow

When you are looking for the best pillow for neck pain with headaches, you need to know that you have many different types to choose from.

You have neck rolls, D-core pillows which feature a D shape in the middle for your head, horseshoe-shaped pillows, and standard contour pillows. But you also have a different type of pillow for neck pain designed with BeCool technology. The becool technology keeps you cool when it's hot, and keeps you hot when it's cool. Click here to learn more about becool technology.

If you are thinking about purchasing the best sleeping pillow for neck pain, you also need to consider the materials that the pillow is made of.

Just like the different types of neck pillows, many materials are used to make them. You can find memory foam pillows for neck pain, neck pillows made of synthetics, or even cotton.

But you can also find natural pillows for neck pain. While you may think the materials don't make much of a difference, the reality is that there is the main reason why a pillow may or may not be comfortable for you.

Taking A Closer Look At Neck Contour Pillow

How To Pick The Best Pillow for Pain on Left or Right Side Neck


When you are looking for a good pillow for neck pain, you should consider the Back Support Systems Contour BeCool Foam Pillow, it´s designed for exceptional ventilation and cooling effect. Ideal for back or side sleepers, the pillow provides neck support that also cradles your head.

Made from high-quality memory foam to ensure that it fits your body and delivers the right amount of support, this pillow comes with a bamboo and cotton cover that you can easily remove to wash.

Using a patented design, this neck pain relief pillow delivers great support no matter if you are sleeping or reclining. After all, it supports your spine and reduces the pressure on muscles and discs.

No matter if you prefer a soft or firm pillow for neck pain, The Neck Contour pillow is a great option to keep in mind. 


The Best Pillow For Neck And Shoulder Pain For The Different Sleeping Positions

It's also important to note that the best pillow for neck pain and neck pain into shoulder also depends on your favorite sleeping position.

In case you're a back sleeper, you want The Neck Contour pillow to be the best option you have. After all, you will have all the support your neck needs but your back will also be supported to make sure that your body is perfectly aligned.

If you prefer to sleep on your side, the best pillow for neck and shoulder pain is one that’s higher under your neck than under your head.

Simply put, it should be firm enough to maintain your head and neck in the same position during the entire night.

In case you prefer to sleep on your stomach, you have two options: not using any pillow at all or use one that is thin to ensure that you maintain your spine straight.

This is why the Neck Contour pillow is the best pillow for neck pain:

  • Medium/soft support- cut-out shape provides neck support

  • BeCool Infused Memory Foam is engineered to keep you cool and comfortable

  • Cut-out shaped for perfect alignment of your spine and neck while your sleep  

  • Removable and Washable, Hypoallergenic Bamboo Cover adds an extra element of plushness and comfort

  • LOOK NO FURTHER, HOT SLEEPERS - Your search for the perfect neck pillow has come to an end, with both support and comfort in one solution

  • Relief neck pain on right or left side