A separate division of our orthopedic and medical products, developed an alcohol-based germ-killing formula to offer our customers during the pandemic sweeping the USA and the world. Also here in our sewing shop in California where we make covers for our pillows, we are manufacturing germ projecting face masks and making that available on our website.  Stay safe!

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Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Gel infused with Aloe Vera, Pro-Vitamin B-5 and Vitamin E to contribute to healthy skin, Travel size Option

Introducing Back Support Systems hand sanitizer in two sizes and three scents. As with all our products with this hand sanitizer we are committed to the optimal design for your...
#StaySafe, Mask & Hand SanitizerAll Products with Discounts

American flag mask - reusable

Reusable washable American flag comes in three sizes. 100% cotton outside with large elastic loops and an inside interior pocket for filters. The interior is made of a Lycra material...
#StaySafe, Mask & Hand SanitizerAll Products with Discounts

Disposable Polyester Mask

It offers a 2-layer protection system that stops fine particles in the air. It is made from dermatological tested skin-friendly filter cloth that provides effective protection against dust, allergens, contaminants,...
#StaySafe, Mask & Hand SanitizerAll Products with Discounts

Cotton Face Mask

Reusable double layer fabric face masks with 100% cotton woven material that has been bolded on the sides to expand to form-fit the face from below the chin to above...