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Hand Sanitizer by Back Support Systems!
Free Bottle, Learn More Below!

We decided to have a separate division of our orthopedic and medical products, which works with 100% natural skincare and cosmetics made here in the USA develop a germ-killing formula since today due to the pandemic everyone needs these products to stay safe and healthy. 
Our team shrunk a hand germ-killing formula that leaves skin soft down to the most convenient size possible. Introducing Back Support Systems Hand Sanitizer in travel size! These 2oz bottles provide protection from germs while on the go. You can also purchase the 4oz to keep in your home or car. Our hand sanitizers are made to keep your hands soft, moisturized and clean - but are effective against most common germ with the clean ingredients you need to keep your hands free from germs and happy. At Back Support Systems we believe in creating products that are good for people and the planet.

With your purchase of $75 receive a FREE 2oz Hand Sanitizer bottle(up to 68% alcohol) and with a purchase of $150 receive a FREE 4oz Hand Sanitizer(up to 68% alcohol). 

You can also buy the hand sanitizer for $7 a bottle, click here.

Very simply put, stay at home comfortably with our products and when you head out there take your hand sanitizer with you.

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