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If you enjoy reading a book or a magazine in bed, you probably already experienced backaches and neck strain. The reality is that your traditional pillow doesn't allow you to be in a comfortable position and sitting with a good posture. This is why you need to look for an orthopedic bed wedge pillow.

A back support wedge pillow will deliver all the support and comfort you need to remain relaxed and enjoy your reading. Besides, it will also help you maintain your head elevated. Besides, even if you are watching TV in bed, an orthopedic wedge pillow for back pain can be a great help.

The truth is that there are many different reading wedge pillows on the market. However, they're not all the same. You want to ensure that you pick a good one. So, just keep reading and discover the different factors you should consider.


How To Choose The Best Reading Wedge Pillow?

1- Materials:

The first factor to keep in mind when purchasing a reading wedge pillow is its material.

Notice that you will need to check both the filling as well as the outer cover.

In what concerns the filling, you should look for a pillow that is made with memory foam like the Convertible Leg Wedge and the Acid Reflux Wedge since this material adapts to the contours of your body. However, you can also buy one filled with bio-foam like The Angle Body System that comes with hypoallergenic bamboo covers.

2- The Shape:

One of the best things about a reading wedge pillow is that it tries to mimic an armchair.

This means that you'll get more support and be able to sit with a good posture at the same time.

Some of these pillows also include an elevation for your legs as well as others come with a detachable neck roll that you can easily position.

3- The Comfort:

There's no question that another factor to always keep in mind is comfort.

So, you should make sure that the backrest of the pillow is tall enough to support your back as well as the cover fabric should be made with a soft, plush fabric.

4- The Support:

Unlike your traditional pillow, a good bed rest wedge pillow should deliver the support you need when you are reading or watching TV.

The reality is that it's not uncommon to see people suffering from neck pain and backaches when they decide to read in bed.

To ensure that this doesn't happen to you, you should look for a wedge pillow for reading in bed that balances support and softness. This is another reason why choosing a pillow with good materials is so important. 

5- Cleaning:

When you are looking for a bed wedge 3 piece sit up pillow system, you want to ensure that you buy one that is easy to clean.

The reality is that it's normal to get some spills over it. So, you should look for an orthopedic wedge pillow that you can easily remove using zip for laundering.

6- Bottom Line

Buying a good thin wedge pillow for reading doesn't need to be hard.

While there are many different wedge pillows for leg elevation on the market, you just need to keep these factors in mind.

By Jeff Kalatsky


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