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When you are trying to increase the cool at night, no matter if you have night sweats or if you're just a hot sleeper, you should consider getting yourself a cooled mattress topper down alternative.

While you may believe that your mattress is more than enough, some mattresses tend to retain heat. Therefore, you just can't get a good night's sleep. 

One of the things you need to know about cooled mattress toppers is that you have plenty of options on the market. However, as you can imagine, these aren't made all the same way or use the same materials. While some may be a bit more expensive than others, it's important to take into consideration other factors beyond the price itself. 

How Do Cooled Mattress Toppers Work?

Simply put, a cooled mattress topper is designed to help you maintain a well-regulated body temperature throughout the night. 

Notice that there are two different types of cooled mattress toppers on the market: active and passive. Choosing between one or the other ultimately depends on your personal preferences and needs. 

#1: Active Cooled Mattress Toppers:

This type of cooled mattress topper goes beyond the materials to ensure that you have all the comfort you need. In fact, they come with attachable water umps or fans that allow you to remain cool and comfortable.

Notice that some of these active cooled mattress toppers allow you to customize your ideal temperature. Besides, you will also be glad to know that you can use them to maintain you cooler during the summer but you can also use them to maintain you warmer during the colder months of the winter. 

#2: Passive Cooled Mattress Toppers:

This type of mattress toppers only uses the materials they are made with to ensure that you are always cool and comfortable. 

Most are made with specialty materials such as gel-infused foams that absorb and transfer body heat. Notice that this type of toppers also refers to the ones that are

made with specific materials such as:

  • Natural latex
  • Gel-infused memory foam
  • Feathers from ducks and geese
  • Wool from lambs or sheep.

How To Shop For The Best Cooled Mattress Topper

If you just decided that you really need a cooled mattress topper, then you need to take into consideration that the price is only one of the factors you should look at. You should also take into account other aspects such as:

#1: CertiPUR-US And Greenguard Gold Certified:

When you are considering buying a cooled mattress topper, you need to make sure that it is safe and free from odors. So, you should look for a topper that is CertiPUR-US and Greenguard Gold certified.

#2: Carefully Look At The Materials:

As we already mentioned above, the materials that are used to make the topper are very important. Ultimately, you should look for toppers that are made with materials such as fabrics, gels, and others with surfaces that help absorb heat from your skin.

#3: The Material Should Be Breathable:

While this isn't really necessary, it's preferable that you look for a topper that uses a material that is breathable. Therefore, you should look for mattress toppers with ample air pockets within their materials or built-in supports to keep materials apart. 

The Back Support Systems BeCool Foam Mattress Topper is a great example of a passive cooled mattress topper that allows you to be cool during the entire night. Featuring a base memory foam layer and a bamboo cover that is washable, you will finally find the comfort with this topper. 

By Jeff Kalatsky


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